ALLTORQ Services Ltd. started in May 2004 by Colin Borchert, and has grown and prospered greatly over the last 6+ years, helping many satisfied customers. We have supplied quality equipment to 50+ projects at numerous job sites in dozens of cities across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Western Canada. ALLTORQ has worked with such companies as CNRL, Suncor, and Syncrude.



Our Company is committed to supplying state-of-the-art equipment, top-notch services, and fast delivery, no matter where your job is situated.

We are dedicated to quality equipment that is calibrated and maintained to the highest industry standards. We provide 24/7 technical support and can answer any questions related to equipment use and strategies. We will deliver our equipment in a timely and efficient manner, at the lowest competitive price — guaranteed.

We are proud to say that at ALLTORQ Services Ltd., the physical use of our equipment is not detrimental to the environment; the use of wrenches and flange spreaders do not have an environmental impact, and the hydraulic oil in our pumps is recycled, re-used, and properly stored. Our pumps are also professionally calibrated frequently according to spec to ensure proper use, efficiency, and to prevent malfunction.

The use of our equipment actually helps the environment in that it PREVENTS potentially detrimental oil or gas leaks, spills, and accidents through more accurate torqueing according to specific specs, as compared to hammer/impact or manual wrenching.

In addition, we strive to work with companies that have credibility in the industry and proper environmental standards and policies.

At ALLTORQ, not only is service a priority, but so is the future of our planet.


ALLTORQ Services Ltd has its own complete Health and Safety program and has been assisting companies in achieving the highest standard of safety for the past 6 years. We achieve this standard of safety in two ways:

Something that we are very proud of.